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Perform With Us!

The Capital Bachata Festival provides opportunities for local, national and international performers at the amateur and professional level to perform in front of an engaged audience! We strive to provide engaging and diverse shows that highlight a wide range of Latin dance styles.



  • All interested performers are requested to fill out the Performer Registration form! Performers are required to submit their information no later than January 16, 2023. Limited spots available so it is recommended that performers register early.

  • All performers are required to buy a Performer Pass for the Festival.

  • When submitting your music, please ensure it is labelled with the name of your school and performance name, especially if your school has more than one performance.​ 

  • Please send your music via WeTransfer to

    Example: NameofSchool_AmateurBachataTeam​

Friday Performances 

(subject to change)

Saturday Performances 
(subject to change)

  • Anastasiya Zhuravska Solo

  • Carlos Rivas Solo

  • Cecile & Ernesto Pro Am

  • Elia Garcia Solo

  • Isabelle Adoue Solo

  • Lucie & Roudi Pro-Am

  • Marc & Anne Sophie Am-Am

  • Nadege Nelson Solo

  • Monique & Roudi Pro-Am

  • Raphael & Mary Am-Am

  • Ritmo Baile Student Team

  • Soul Thirakoune Solo

  • Vincent & Lana Am-Am

  • Patrick & Johanna 

  • Alan Quintana Pro-Am

  • Alan Quintana Team 

  • Caitlyn & Roudi Pro-Am

  • Caitlyn & Lauren Am-Am

  • Davy & Elina

  • Ernesto Campbell Solo

  • Gerardo & Madian

  • Imogen Rabideau Solo

  • Jhaime Vega Solo

  • Jhaime & Sasha

  • Laurie Desco Solo

  • Maude Chenier Ladies' Team

  • Raphael & Sophie Pro Am

  • Raphael  & Sabrina Pro Am

  • Raphael & Amélie Pro Am

  • Sabrina Samartino Solo

  • Soul & Nadege

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